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Stating the Obvious is an artifact of Web 1.0.

From August 1995 to September 2003 it provided occasional commentary on Internet technology, business and culture. It was the product of Michael Sippey, who has since moved on to the New New Thing of reverse-chronologically presented content at

Stating the Obvious consists of essay-length content, open questions and items that are currently "on the list." And while Sippey's primarily to blame for its content it's been host to a wide variety of guest authors over the years, including Greg Knauss, Jason Kottke, Alex Massie, David Hudson, Peter Merholz, Rogers Cadenhead, Vivian Selbo, Carl Steadman, Steve Champeon, Gregory Alkaitis-Carafelli and Lance Arthur. In December of '97, we pioneered the "Just One Question" interview format (ok, we actually stole the concept from G. Beato's Soundbitten, but who's counting), and subjected folks like Glenn Davis, Steven Johnson, Lou Rosenfeld, Jodi Sax, Mark Dery, Harlan Hugh, Emily Davidow and Marc Rettig to that unique brand of torture.

You can purchase Stating the Obvious branded mugs, t-shirts and sweatshirts at the obvious store. Oh, vanity thy name is...Cafepress.

If you're dreadfully bored, or a college freshman trolling for papers on DeLillo's White Noise, or both, you may be interested in the other play-things located here, including...

Stating the Obvious is copyright 1995 - 2003 by Michael Sippey and its associated authors. All rights reserved.


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