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92. Launch "The Digital Reformation." Because it's time. Seriously, the ranks at the revolutionary front are thinning fast, so cut your losses and go for the bold about-face. Nail 95 PCs to the door of the MIT Media Lab and catch the real next wave before it's too late.

93. Launch Netizen TV II: Long live the new flesh.

94. Get Martha Baer a prominent spot on the magazine masthead. Oops. You've already tried that. Never mind.

95. Louis and Jane should crawl on their hands and knees to Si Newhouse and say "Please, we really didn't mean to turn you and your money down."

96. Follow the money and rehire Anthony Perkins instead of its pale successor, Michael Murphy. Perkins' performance managing The Wired Interactive Technology Fund was much better. TWIT$ rose 66 percent in the 13 months Perkins had it. Murphy gained a mere 28 percent in his 16 months. Maybe that's because Perkins's writing performance was so much better as well and his columns and sources so much funnier.

97. Stage digital show trials against counterrevolutionaries. Use HotWired to host Web-based trials with confessions about active involvement in a conspiracy against the Digital Revolution by the likes of Will Kreth or Justin Hall.

98. Install a digital tcheka. What is a revolution without a Secret Service? The Electronic Frontier Foundation would be a great name for such an entity.

99. Build a digital Hotel Lux for the foreign Wired employees, where they are all stuffed together waiting to get hit by the next roll of intrigues.

100. Have a contest where everyone submits their ideas on how to save Wired. Pick the best 100 or so, and implement the serious ones. Be sure to ask the best and brightest of both the digital and nondigital worlds, to even up the biases a little.

101. Don't worry, you'll survive. It's Apple we should really worry about.

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