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101 Ways to Save Wired Ventures

1. Stop making content for HotWired and turn it into a label for original content on the web. Offer enterprising young web sites server space, incredible bandwidth, a modest income, and the Wired marketing machine. In return, you get to sell ads on the site and take it into the "HotWired Network." Then, Wired should leave them alone to produce the content. The quality of the content would improve exponentially.

2. Have Louis Rossetto sacrificed on the steps of 520 Third Street by a shadowy, club-hopping, webgeek serial killer on the lam (I nominate Carl Steadman for the job). Like Versace's clothes, Wired magazine & WiredWare wil fly off the shelves, and hits to HotWired will triple. (Note, this is a short-term fix.)

3. Have Nicholas Negroponte host a Wired Miracle Telethon. "I'm going to stand here and talk nonstop about the Digital Revolution until we raise US$500,000."

4. Three Words: Pop-Up Book.

5. Publish articles about things that actually have some meaning to people's lives, not all this mumbo jumbo digerati doublespeak.


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